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Children learn from exposure and opportunities.  My wife, Katie,  and I encourage our 3 boys (pictured above) to explore their world and learn about things like ecosystems, plants, animals, and geography.



Your voice: As an aspiring board member I can not do this without the support of the community.  Together, parents, teachers, school site staff, students, community leaders, and you, the people of this community, it is going to take all of us coming together to make the needed changes in our schools.  I want to hear from you, want to hear about the needs of our schools, the needs of our teachers, the needs of our students, especially as we go into another year of virtual online learning.


Your donations: Campaign donations will be used to help purchase yard signs that are being made right here in Antioch.  The money will be used for shirts, buttons, cups, made right here in Antioch.  I will be supporting as many locally owned Antioch businesses as I can during my campaign.  Your donations no matter how large or small will be put back to our community, to better our community.  I will stay accountable for the funds, if at any time you do not agree with something I am doing please reach out to me and we can discuss it. 

Your Actions:  Tell a friend, there is no better endorsement then for you to tell others about my campaign, and how together we are going to make changes.  Invite people to join my Facebook page (link below).  If you are community leader reach out to me, let us talk, connect and discuss the future of Antioch.  Invite me to your meetings, I want to be part of this community every way that I can.  As an active Antioch Delta Kiwanis member, NAACP East Bay member, I want to join more community organizations.  Invite me to your church, I am happy to attend a service and worship with you.  There is no better way to learn about our community then to be part of our community.   

Still want to do more? 

Please click on my volunteer page, and lets see how you can become an active member of my campaign. 

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