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George Young moved to Antioch in 2018. George and his wife Katie have 3 boys. Their oldest son attends Shasta College in Redding, CA. Their 2 younger children attend elementary school in the Antioch Unified School District. Young is a strong supporter of parents' education choice and an advocate of equal education opportunities for all students regardless of race, religion, social status, or learning ability. 


George Young III was raised by a single mother, living in a low-income neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Young attended public, private, and charter schools throughout LAUSD. George was identified as a gifted, high achieving student in 3rd grade and tested into the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program of LAUSD. Young graduated from Crenshaw Gifted Magnet High School in Los Angeles, a school-within-a-school unit of Crenshaw High School. 

While attending CHS, George played on the Junior Varsity Basketball Team, and the Varsity Track and Field team while also participating in The CHS Black Student Union (BSN), The CHS Academic Decathlon Team. Young was also a member of the local Young Black Scholars (YBS) and Key Club Kiwanis groups. Between his sports activities and involvement in the aforementioned clubs, Young received both academic and sports scholarships to his top choice University, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, where he majored in  Computer Science.


A member of the United  States Army Reserves since 2001, Young currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG).  During his military career, SSG Young served in the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (USACAPOC) and the United States Army Special Operation Command Pacific (SOCPAC), with numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Africa, and several stateside tours.  SSG Young completed the Army Basic Instructors Course (ABIC), Small Group Instructors Course (SGI), and the Observer/Controller and Trainer Course (O/C-T) and has spent the last 8 years of his military service training soldiers in preparation for military deployments.  SSG Young is responsible for creating in-depth training scenarios, relative to the unit's specific job function, in order to evaluate the units' readiness for deployment and identifying potential training opportunities to correct any deficiencies.  In 2018 SSG Young completed a second degree from Northwest University in Business Management with a concentration in nonprofit organization management. SSG Young’s ongoing belief that knowledge is key to bettering the world is not only something he is committed to himself, but teaches his 3 sons - ages 18, 9, and 7.

Why George Young?

My platform puts kids first.  A child's education is the gateway to this country's future.  This country is broken, one important step to rebuilding this country is creating an education system that provides opportunities for our children to succeed.  Children can not be successful if they do not feel safe, therefore schools safety is 2nd on my platform.  Schools should not be war zones, there is no room for hate, racism, violence, and fear in a school campus.  While this cannot be 100% removed, it is our job as adults to make schools as safe as possible by providing security, and emergency procedures that are effective and not just a checkmark on a safety checklist.  Third but no less important is my promise to listen to parents, students, teachers, and staff. Open lines of communication are key to understanding what is going on in our schools.  I can not begin to understand all the different needs in our community so I am here to listen, learn, and help implement change as much as I can. I have reached out to all the principals in Antioch District 1 schools to discuss what is working in their schools and areas that need improvement.  I have connected with several community leaders to discuss the needs of our community, especially our youth. I am working with the Antioch Delta Kiwanis Club to bring additional education support to Antioch.  I am also working to create a mentor program for Antioch youth that focuses on helping our underprivileged black students see there is more than prison or a street corner in their future. 

The difference between me and my opponents is simple, I am invested.  As a father of 3 young mixed-race boys, their success is a direct result of choices my wife and I make. I am invested in more than just my children.  I am invested in all children in Antioch.  There is no reason that Antioch Youth should be graduating high school unable to read.  There is no reason that Antioch should be able to ignore students' IEPs.  There is no excuse for our students not having support and opportunities. I am running to reform the Antioch school system and bring the needed change to our schools that will empower our youth and create a path of success that is obtainable to all. 

George Young


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